Beauty may be skin deep, but don’t minimize the power of a beautiful cut and colour, a glowing tan  and top that all off with a cute belly button ring. Our team of talented technicians are at your disposal – ready to make you look as good as our spa can make you feel.

**Prices vary according to stylist’s level

Cut and Style

All Prices do not include taxes

Shampoo and Style$26.25 and up
Short Cut and Style (Barber/ Pixie)$26.25 and up
Medium Cut and Style (Above the shoulders)$31.50 and up
Long Cut and Style (Below the shoulders)$36.75 and up
Updo$52.50 and up

Color Services

*Prices Are Not Including Cuts

1 Foil$6.5 and up
Half Head Foils$65.00 and up
Full Head Foils$89.00 and up
Balayage$105.00 and up
Color Retouch$57.50 and up
Full Color$42.00 and up
Toner$42.00 and up
Elumen Add-on$30.00
Color Retouch$57.50 and up

Perms And Straightening Services

Perm$80.00 and up
Kerasilk Defrizz Tretament$100.00 and up
Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment$275.00 and up
Thermal Ionic Straightening$105 and up

Treatments and Serums Add-ons

*Prices Are Not Including Cuts

Kerasilk Repower Volume$45.00 and up
Kerasilk Reconstruct$45.00 and up
Kerasilk Volume$45.00 and up
BondPro Add-on$15.00 and up
Lightening Serum Add-on$10.00
Color/ Color Extra Rich serum$10.00
Ultra Volume serum$10.00
Just Smooth serum$10.00
Blond and Highlights serum$10.00
Pure Pigments Add-on$10.00

Hair Extension Services

Babe’s 100% Human hair is being used by salons and stylists all over the world for its ability to maintain a radiant and smooth texture without using synthetic coatings like silicone. Equally important to stylists is the attachment method. No heat, glue, or chemicals means no mess or damage to the client’s hair.

In addition to the high quality, all-natural human hair extensions, Babe Inc. has also developed a state-of-the-art education program. We believe that when you combine Babe’s high quality hair extensions with the proper training and knowledge, huge success awaits. The in-depth, hands-on courses cover topics such as marketing, pricing, client consultations, coloring and cutting, as well as hair care techniques.

The Price based on consultation only!