Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Recently we are experiencing quite a few no shows / last minute cancellations. In order to protect our staff , we have no choice but to implement cancellation policy. If the appointment cancelled last minute or no showed it means that the service provide lost potential client that could be booked in the same spot. We do understand that sometimes we all have unforeseen problems that can happen last minute and will change our plans, therefore the policy will apply only to people that had 3 or more last minute cancellations or no shows in short period of time.

Massage Therapy has different policy as applicable n massage industry and defined below

Definitions for this policy

  • Last minute cancellation – Cancellation done less than 24 hours before appointment.
  • No show – Not arriving to scheduled appointment.
  • Period of time – Consecutive 3 months.
  • Deposit – 50% of service that was booked.

The clients that will have 3 no shows or last minute cancellations in the period of time defined above will have to pay deposit using etransfer to our company while booking next appointment. The deposit will be on client’s file in our system. When client will come for the appointment the deposit will be automatically towards payment for the service. If the client won’t show up for the appointment the deposit was for, the deposit will be withdrawn from client’s file to cover the loss of income for service provider.

Massage Therapy (Cole Harbour location)

If clients arrives late for their appointment, it still will be charged as full appointment.

If client misses the appointment it would be put through insurance as missed appointment.